Colleen A Poulter – a biography.

Colleen A Poulter is a critically acclaimed writer of culture down under. Her books have received rave reviews, been nominated for a literary award and been featured in press on both sides of the Tasman and on television. She is the host for a new radio show called “ROCK-IT with the ARTIST CAT” – classic, rare and new rock (with blues).  The show airs on Sunday nights 6-8pm on 2HHH 100.1 FM in Sydney and  on internet radio globally …  to listen go to www.triplehfm.com.au   She is also an award winning artist – in 2006 & 2009 the Royal Art Society of NSW presented her with awards for drawing and portraiture.

Her first novel the Wong Way to Marry was released in 2008. It tells a tale of coming of age in the 1970s. Irreverent and hilarious to read, it nonetheless explores highly relevant topics of interracial marriage, the changing social and political climate of the era, set against a backdrop of the rock n roll music scene down under. The sequel Trippin’ the Wright Waya hippie trippy Kombi adventure, set in Europe long before the event of ATMs, mobile phones and the internet. It is the second installment in a series of stories providing insightful social and historical commentary on antipodean culture.  A third book “Riding a Rocky Road” (a mirth filled romp about playing in rock bands during the 1970s) is in the works and is sure to be a hilarious expose of the music industry.

Her early professional career was in broadcasting, radio and television. By twenty-nine she held a senior executive management position, running a business unit within a major telecommunications corporation, accountable for a revenue stream in excess of $60 million. She relocated to Australia in 1999 recruited into another senior executive management role. Today, she lives with her family in New South Wales, Australia.  In addition to her artistic and media work, is self-employed as an IT consultant to major corporations.

Colleen’s mission is to help record and preserve the culture of the country and time in which she grew up. “As one of many children in a poor post-war immigrant family, we didn’t have a lot growing up in the 1960s and 70s in New Zealand,’ she says. ‘But there was the music – always the radio, which played a big part of our lives and we watched programs like ‘New Faces’, ‘Studio One’, ‘Ready to Roll’ and ‘Radio with Pictures’ on TV. It is this rich heritage of musical history that we need to preserve before it is gone forever.”

This site will document a history of music and culture down under from the 1960s, the 1970s through to the early 80s. It will feature the musicians, writers, photographers, filmmakers and archivists that captured that golden era.

There are plans to make Colleen’s books into feature films and/or television series … watch this space for more developments!

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