Kevin Hill – Rock Photographer

Kevin Hill – Rock Photographer

Apr 14
Kevin Hill – Rock Photographer

Kevin Hill. Rock Photographer for the Christchurch Music Scene 1968-1980

Kevin Hill was one of the most important rock photographers to capture the history of the Christchurch music scene from 1968-1980.  He has a great love of music and also played in bands.

He has a natural ability to take great photos of the musicians and bands, both on stage and off during that exciting time of our youth and the great music that was being played in the Motor Inns, Pubs, Dances, Halls and Night Clubs around Christchurch.

Musicians during that period remember him saying,

“These pictures of you guys will be part of history and they will be important in the future” and he has been proven right with the huge interest in his photographs today.

Neville Claughton, a prominent Christchurch musician said:

“Kevin was everywhere in those days and thank goodness he was as he was brilliant at taking great photos. It was the most interesting era of music and will never be repeated again, he is responsible for capturing our Christchurch music history, Kev you are a gem”.

His photographs have appeared in newspapers, advertising, film documentaries, books, LP, tape and CD covers and inserts.

Photography and music was his passion and he combined the both to record an era of the music history of Christchurch New Zealand.

His day job as an Electrical engineer saw him move from Christchurch to Auckland in 1985 where he went back to photography and went on to be a very successful photographer in that city and having two studios in Queen Street in the central business district specializing in actor’s portfolios, commercial and fashion photography.

In the 90’s he went to University and studied for a Diploma in real estate and today is on the management board of Harcourts Cooper and Co a highly successful company and he is a respected Manager, trainer and mentor to a National award winning sales team.

Kevin has said. “As the song goes. music is my first love and it will be my last”

If you would like to contact Kevin his email address is [spam][remove spam]

The link to Kevin’s musical photo collection is:

Christchurch Music Scene 1968-1980 photostream

Updated Nov 2011: More photos have been added and original versions remastered for cleaner sharper images!

VISUAL MEMORIES – the book is now available (2015); contact Kevin for your copy

Visual Memories By Kevin Hill  March  2015  Size 307 x 277  (1)